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In shadow of Mosul fight, Iran establishes Nineveh foothold
BAGHDAD (AP) -- While Iraq's conventional military has been slowly clearing the Islamic State group from inside Mosul's complex urban terrain, Iraq's Iran-backed Shiite paramilitary forces have been working their way through less glamorous territory: vast deserts west and south of the city that run along and across Iraq's border with Syria....

India's limits on selling cattle could hurt industry, diets
NEW DELHI (AP) -- A new ban imposed by India's government on the sale of cows and buffaloes for slaughter to protect animals considered holy by many Hindus is drawing widespread protests from state governments and animal-related industries....

French president flexes diplomatic muscles in Putin meeting
VERSAILLES, France (AP) -- Flexing his diplomatic muscles, French President Emmanuel Macron said he had "extremely frank" and "direct" talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday and launched an extraordinary attack on two state-funded Russian media outlets he accused of spreading "lying propaganda" during France's presidential campaign....

Manchester police seek clues in concert bomber's suitcase
LONDON (AP) -- Police in Manchester, England issued a picture of the arena suicide bomber holding a blue suitcase and asked anyone who might have seen him with it before the attack to call a confidential hotline....

Merkel warns against "simple answers" after Trump meetings
BERLIN (AP) -- Chancellor Angela Merkel cautioned Monday against seeking "simple answers" to complex global issues, a day after suggesting that Europe's relationship with the U.S. had shifted significantly following NATO and G-7 meetings with President Donald Trump that produced disappointing results....

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn face tough questions on live TV
LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn faced tough questions and a skeptical audience in a live TV event Monday night ahead of next week's parliamentary elections....

Fears grow of increasing IS foothold in southern Philippines
MARAWI, Philippines (AP) -- Inside this lakeside city dotted with hundreds of mosques, a powerful militant designated by the Islamic State group as its leader in the Philippines has managed to unify a disparate group of gunmen under a single command....

6-day war begets 50 years of strife for Israel
JERUSALEM (AP) -- It may well be remembered as a pyrrhic victory for Israel: in six days it stunned the world by vanquishing several Arab armies, only to be saddled with a deeply corrosive 50-year fight with the Palestinians for the Holy Land....

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Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn face tough questions on live TV

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